Welcome to dreaming in flowers

Dreaming In Flowers is not a fashion blog, it's an online destination for everyone who's looking for ways to simplify their lives and of course, their wardrobes. 

I see! You want to know more about Dreaming In Flowers and me. Well, then you came to the right place! The mission of Dreaming In Flowers is to help you live a happier and healthier life by incorporating minimalism, slow fashion, and slow living into your everyday life. Here you'll find simple and honest advice on creating a minimalist/functional capsule wardrobe that works for you and your life style. Tips on how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, and how to live "big" with less. 

Hi, I'm Lona. I'm the founder, and the voice behind Dreaming In Flowers. Thank you for stopping by. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I'm in my fab forties, I love interior design and I love creating coziness in my home. I believe that home is not a place, but rather a feeling. I'm a wife and a mama. I'm also a tea addict, who loves to read. Knitting is my yoga, and my happy color is gray. I'm an accountant turned to florist, that's where the name came from. I started my blogging journey back in 2012, and that blog was called Lona's Style Journey. Oh boy, how much my personal style has changed since then, but It helped me a lot coming back to life after hitting rock bottom with my eating disorder. This blog is a more professional approach to topics such as minimalism, sustainable/fair trade/slow fashion, and slow living. I'd like to share all the things that I discover and learn along the way.

Please join me on my journey as I'm trying to stop chasing the life that I think I should be living, and build a life that is meaningful and feels good inside not just looks good on the outside. 

Much Love,