Same same, but different

How to transform your daytime look to a date night look

The other day I was running errands basically all day, it was hot, so I didn't want to wear jeans, but since I love the girl-next-door vibes of the white t-shirt/jeans combo so much, I wore my tee with my shorts that used to be overalls. At the end of the day, the hubs and I had our regular weeknight. We never wait for the weekend, or summer, or anything else to have fun. Life is too short to wait for something that might never come, so we grab every opportunity that we have to spend quality time together. 

So to elevate my daytime look to a simple, yet edgy date night look, I switched my kicks to my trusty t-strap heels and I added a black blazer.


Disclaimer; these items are not from ethical/fair trade brands, however I had some of these things for years, and even the two latest purchases have been worn for over 30 times, so in my book it is slow/responsible fashion, and also good for the environment. 

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