DIY Feather Pendant Lamp

I know. I know. I'm late to the party, but what can you do when your taste in design changes slowly? I mean, even just a year ago I had girly stuff in my office, and girly things in my closet, but as my need for a simplified life has put me on the minimal capsule wardrobe journey, my taste in interior design has slowly changed too. So when I was looking for the perfect lamp for my cloffice, I found that the feather pendant lamp could be the point on the i. The only thing with me and the things that I like/need/want, is, that I want them done/have them by yesterday. =D

So if you are like me, and can't wait until your order arrives, and love DIY projects, this may just be the thing for you. Here is how I did my lamp. It took me a few hours, I probably could've been done faster, if I wasn't watching a documentary on Netflix, but I like multitasking. Even if I end up with a few burnt fingers. =D

What you'll need;

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue gun sticks...a lot, I mean really 
  • white feather, I used 7 packs, and I got mine from Michaels
  • rice paper lamp and cord set from IKEA

I started the process by visualizing the middle of the globe. It doesn't have to be the exact middle, just try your best. The best way is to glue the feathers towards said middle. I started with the top half of the globe, and glued the first line of feathers in a downward angle (with the wider part) towards the middle. I then flipped the globe, and repeated the process.

I tried to make the feathers stick out as much as possible to emphasize the widest point of the globe. You can work on both halves, line by line, or finish the top or bottom half first. I've seen pictures where the bottom opening of the rice paper was also covered, but I left mine open. 

I burnt my fingers one too many times, and my work area, aka my living room floor looked like I attacked a giant spiderweb. So, when you are done, make sure you remove all the excess from the feathers.

The total cost of this project was $67.54 CAD, and I've spent a few hours with it. Don't forget the burnt fingers too. However, if you want to avoid the whole gathering of supplies and spending all that time with it, here is an alternative from Amazon.




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