How NOT to start a capsule wardrobe


I'm now 18 months into my capsule wardrobe journey, and it made my life simpler, easier, and way happier. Finding the right outfit in the morning takes no time and I never feel like I have nothing to wear anymore. Here I'd like to share the way one should NOT start this journey, but before that, I'd like to tell you how and why I started mine.

In 2014-2015 I was really into style challenges on Instagram. Anyone else? I bought things either because I saw them on someone, or because I needed to plan out an outfit for a certain day and/or for a certain style challenge. Some of the things were well loved, but most of them were piling up in my ever expanding walk-in closet and never seeing the sunlight again. Can you relate? My shopping habits were so out of control that they had to end, even though I wasn't an impulse shopper. The perfect opportunity came when we moved - at the end of 2015 - to an older home with no walk-in closet and with less space to keep unnecessary things around, plus I was craving a simpler life.

As anyone else who is ready to take the leap, I too started to Google and pin ideas and formulas from Pinterest for the "perfect" capsule wardrobe. The amount of information gets extremely overwhelming and you either give up before you even start it, or you end up following one of the many formulas that necessarily may not work for you and your lifestyle. 

There's a secret! You have a capsule wardrobe already. You just have to discover it! Think about your favorite pieces that you end up wearing over and over again!

We are all different and that's the beauty of life. I don't believe the one size fits all formulas.

So advice #1 Never try to start from scratch! 

Don't get rid of your black pants, jeans, etc. just because someone suggested that one of the basic colors in your closet should be navy! And, in general, don't sell/donate your stuff immediately because you might figure out that a capsule wardrobe is just not for you?! Girl, binge shopping is way more expensive than binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix! So instead, start with your favorite pieces. They will be the base of your capsule, but please don't keep items that no longer fit or just because they hold special memories. The rest can go into two piles. One for selling and one for donating, but keep them in the garage or basement until you can safely say that you are loving the new way you dress, and you don't miss anything at all. Trust me, the fewer items you have in your closet, the more options you'll have. I know! What a crazy idea! 

Advice #2 Never limit yourself with numbers!

I knew when I started that I can't limit myself. Just because someone can go with 30 pieces in one season, it doesn't mean that you can too. Just because a formula from Pinterest suggests that you need to have a capsule for every season, it doesn't mean that you can't have more pieces than that, and wear them all year round. If you like accessories, having more than it was suggested in the formula makes your transition easier, just have them. If you feel that having more pair of shoes/bags/hats, etc, can help you create unlimited outfit options, do that! Just don't forget, it's about quality, not quantity! Keep in mind, it has to work for YOU! Along the way, you might even find that you still own too many things and decide to downsize even more. Don't panic, it happened to me too.

Advice #3 Never copy someone else's capsule!

It's similar to advice #2, but I just want to emphasize it again, that you have to create your capsule for the life you live, the job you have. If you work in an office, and you need more skirts and suits than you need jeans and jumpers, own them! If you're a stay at home mom, you probably require more jeans than pencil skirts. The guidelines are nothing more than just guidelines. They help you start somewhere, but trust me, you can create your own functioning capsule by having your favorite pieces as the base and adding piece by piece those that you are still missing. Be creative, try to follow the one out-one in rule and have fun! It will change your life and the way you look at things! 

Thanks for stopping by,